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  • GSW Featured in SewMeaningful's "Creative Handmade Women Owned Businesses To Watch"

    "What I love about her business: Nicole recognized a void in the marketplace so what did she do? She learned to sew and then turned it into a business. For anyone who is not familiar with being an entrepreneur, this is the first step. Figuring out how your product can fix other people’s problems. I adore her Etsy shop! Her clothing line it truly a gender bender."
  • Gingersnap Wishes Owner and Founder Featured on The RahRah Podcast!

    The RahRah Podcast is for leaders and entrepreneurs who want to live deeply delicious, super meaningful, and inspired lives while leaving a lasting...
  • A Message From a Small Business Owner

    Thank you for supporting a small business. I am a Mom to a little GingerSnap (red head) that loves all things "boy" but also loves skirts and dre...